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The Initiative

Colorado State University is fast becoming a trusted voice of credible data and research for the natural gas issue.  CSU’s leadership as an “honest broker” of information from all sides of the issue has been noticed by stakeholders.  


With a reputation for independent research excellence in everything from reducing natural gas emissions at the wellhead to land reclamation, Colorado State University is uniquely positioned to help the public to understand the natural gas boom occurring in Colorado, the West and U.S.

The university can provide credible, multi-disciplinary solutions to the complex problems facing the industry. Colorado State, more than any other institution, can directly address all the issues - water, land use, production, air, policy and cultural – that are now demanding public attention and discussion.

Colorado State has created a Natural Gas Initiative as a method to pull together these resources, which are disbursed across all eight colleges, and encourage further collaboration. As done in 2011 with its inaugural event, the University will host a natural gas symposium in October 2013 largely to continue its communication to reach an internal audience while drawing external community members and industry partners for an open dialogue.

If you are interested in joining the Initiative, please fill out our membership form, or contact:

Maury Dobbie
Assistant Director
Center for the New Energy Economy
(970) 491-3788